Some optimism, some other things…

A few exciting current events have brought my tumblr back to life! Woo! First of which, as of last night, hydraulic fracking is now banned from Albany.  For those of you that don’t know, fracking is a process used by gas companies that would cause poison to seep into our drinking water. To be honest I didn’t think we’d win that fight but perhaps there’s some real politicians left out there.

Ron Paul is still killing it on the campaign trail. Who wouldn’t love this guy? An ideologically consistent twelve term congress man, constitutionalist, physician, veteran… the list goes on. Dr. Paul has been warning of America’s failing economy for twenty years now. And you know what? He’s been right all along. The time is right and the public’s eyes are starting to fall on him. America has been missing out on libertarian politics.

Occupy Wall Street has been both encouraging and startling. It’s spreading like wildfire. Only one month and a day into the protests and there is already a mass, peaceful assembly on every continent except Antarctica. Just check out the ‘occupied’ US cities:

The 99% has been facing a lot of problems in the past couple of weeks. The City of Seattle has placed a ban on umbrellas, stating that they are a ‘structure,’ clearly to discourage protesters from staying out in the elements. Occupy San Fransisco was raided over the weekend and Chicagoans have been given absolutely no place to go. Clearly, the higher ups are grasping at any tool within reach to break our momentum.

I can’t help but think this whole thing may suffer a similar fate as the Tea Party, which actually started as a anarchist/libertarian movement only to be turned into a joke by fraudulent media coverage. We’re already being told in news reports that this is a ‘leftist’ or ‘democratic’ movement which is not entirely truthful. It is certainly alarming that funding for this movement is coming from Ford, Gates, Kelloggs, and Rockefeller foundations.

These kinds of things can get out of control, fast. And when they do it is often the Police who act as catalysts.  All it takes for a small push to start a riot, mass arrests, a declaration of an unlawful assembly, and oppressive legislation to calm an uneasy, and now willing, public’s fears.


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